What is an IPad Photo Booth Software?

Snappic is the ultimate snap pic and application. Utilizing mobile and cloud-based technologies, this innovative and cutting-edge app delivers high-end photos and imagery with countless features. In fact, it’s perfect for birthday parties, corporate gatherings, and even weddings and receptions. With its simple – yet intuitive and professional interface, users can simply access this app on their IPads, phones, or wireless devices. This means no more costly rental fees and setup costs for traditional photo booths or kiosks. With just one click, you have a myriad of photo enhancement features, themes, and designs that truly spruce up any photo or event.

photo booth software ipad Photographic Features

Snappic offers the user a wide array of cutting-edge photo and video enhancement features. This includes but is not limited to:

·         Burst – this is one of the most popular features on the app. With Burst, you can easily capture a series of photos in quick succession – creating a vibrant and great live action photo.

·         Green Screen – this feature provides a live preview of any photo (guest or yourself) super-imposed on the background of your choice. Green Screen works great with still pictures, GIF, and Burst.

·         GIF – create cool and trendy GIF animations with a series of photos. This option uses exciting stop animation features, which can easily be uploaded to online photo albums or shared across social media.

·         Photo Booth – this option is perfect for standard still photos with any decorative borders you want. Guests can then share their photos via social media, folders, or upload them to flash drives for CD or DVD albums. You can also print physical copies with wireless technologies as well.

Snappic also offers wireless printing, as well as a data capture manager for personal, friend, or client e-mails and contact information. This allows you to share photos without the hassle of manually typing in e-mail addresses or phone numbers. For more information, simply click here!